Over 20 Minutes of Fresh Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem Footage Shown at SDCC

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Paramount Footage and Nickelodeon Motion pictures revealed over 20 minutes of recent footage from upcoming animated film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem throughout a panel at San Diego Comedian-Con, and IGN was within the viewers to take all of it in. Right here’s what we noticed (spoilers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem comply with!).

The footage kicked off with a clip IGN premiered final week through which the Turtles go well with up earlier than making ready to stealthily go grocery procuring. Here is that clip, in case you missed it:

From there, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael enter a bodega and attempt to dodge safety cameras whereas shoplifting provides and meals. Job carried out, the Turtles hitch a trip again to Manhattan on a truck roof. A information report displayed on an infinite display screen reveals crime is rising below a mastermind often called Superfly.

The Turtles watch an outside screening of Eighties coming of age basic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which is live-action whereas the viewers is animated. “Possibly in the future everybody will love us like they love Ferris Bueller,” one Turtle laments. The quartet wistfully stare on the film display screen and viewers earlier than they escape into the sewers.

The Turtles attempt to sneak dwelling however a wide-awake Splinter catches them. In fact, Leo owns as much as their late evening shenanigans. You possibly can see a brief clip of this scene within the video under:

Splinter, being Splinter, admonishes the Turtles for risking interplay with people. Splinter recounts his origin to show them a worthwhile lesson about people. He says people are the worst – his greatest buddy was a cockroach who was stepped on. We then see Splinter eat his cockroach buddy. What’s a rat going to do?

Splinter discovers 4 lovable child turtles within the sewer within the inexperienced ooze followers know all too effectively. They remodel. Splinter’s transformation is like physique horror. Splinter raises the toddler turtles by way of an lovable montage. We see bathtub time, all of the Turtles sleeping in Splinter’s mattress, and their curiosity in regards to the exterior world at the same time as youngsters. Enamoured, Splinter grants the Turtles a visit to the human world.

In Instances Sq., Splinter is carrying the youngsters when a girl bumps into him. Quickly the entire crowd freaks out and chase Splinter and the Turtles off. They’re nearly run over by autos as they make their escape. After the incident, Splinter swears to guard the Turtles, coaching them throughout a typical martial arts film montage.

We shift again to the current, when Splinter grounds the Turtles for a month. They’re sad, as you’d anticipate. Donnie asks Leo if it was price it, which saddens him. We see the Turtles mendacity of their bads questioning what they’d do in the event that they had been regular. They might go to the promenade, they recommend, earlier than discounting the chance.

Now we’re out in NYC at nightfall. A human “street crew” working for Superfly pulls a heist on an armored truck and steals what was inside. Police chase after the street crew’s truck. Immediately, a winged creature seizes the truck and flies off with it to a hidden location. Seems the creature is Superfly, who we presume eats the crew. We see what was stolen: a mysterious radioactive machine.

We reduce to Maya Rudolph’s character who, at a headquarters, dishes out monitoring models to autos to attempt to catch as much as Superfly. The Turtles, in the meantime, are on a rooftop. Donnie is holding a watermelon over his head so the brothers can take pleasure in a spot of goal observe. The Turtles hear a crash under, brought on by an errant ninja star. The crash concerned a scooter belonging to… April! Somebody steals the scooter – Leo insists he retrieve it for this stunning and charming human girl. The turtles leap into motion and chase the thief again to a chop store.

The Turtles, who’ve by no means been in an actual struggle earlier than, draw their weapons. Mikey will get a ninja star in his leg earlier than the human thieves provoke a brawl. The Turtles use no matter they’ll to struggle. “Go, Ninja, Go!” performs at one level. The struggle trashes the chop store.

Finally, the Turtles emerge victorious and discover April’s scooter. When April walks within the Turtles conceal within the shadows. April says they’re “sus” for doing so. Slowly, the Turtles enter the sunshine. April thinks they’re human crime fighters in turtle costumes. “Can we clarify this over pizza?” one Turtle says. “How do you are feeling about pepperoni?” April replies. “I didn’t suppose it could get this far,” Donnie says.

That’s the tip of the footage! The panel additionally noticed TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman ship a particular announcement: Nickelodeon and Paramount have secured the rights to run the unique sequence beginning subsequent 12 months.

We finish with one other clip from Mutant Mayhem. We see April and the Turtles in a stakeout of a gathering of the mutants. “I’m going to win a daytime Emmy,” April says to herself as she information the assembly on her cellphone.

Superfly confronts the Turtles. “I can’t imagine there are different mutants like us,” Mikey says. Superfly says the identical ooze that made the Turtles made Superfly and his crew, and divulges his “dad”, Baxter Stockman, is the one who dumped the ooze within the sewer. Mondo Gecko hugs the Turtles. “I’m a hugger,” he says. They go on about liking one another’s vibe.

In one other clip, we see the Turtles are very a lot not down with Superfly’s plan to kill all of the people.

That’s it for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem footage proven at San Diego Comedian-Con. The film comes out in cinemas August 2, 2023.

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