Nipah virus suspected behind ‘unnatural’ deaths in India: Symptoms, treatment | Health

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The Kerala Well being Division has issued a well being alert in Kozhikode district after two “unnatural” deaths by suspected Nipah virus an infection have been reported on August 30 and September 11. Nipah virus is a zoonotic virus that has been liable for outbreaks of extreme respiratory and neurological illness in people the place the chance elements and causes of Nipah virus transmission are primarily linked to its origin in fruit bats and subsequent spillover into different animals and people.

Nipah virus suspected behind ‘unnatural’ deaths in India: Causes, risk factors, symptoms, treatment (Representative image)
Nipah virus suspected behind ‘unnatural’ deaths in India: Causes, threat elements, signs, remedy (Consultant picture)

Threat Components of Nipah Virus:

In an interview with HT Life-style, Dr Aniket Mule, Marketing consultant Inside Drugs at Wockhardt Hospitals in Mumbai’s Mira Street, listed the causes as –

1. Fruit Bat Reservoir: Fruit bats, significantly the Pteropus genus, are pure hosts of Nipah virus. Their excretions and saliva might include the virus, and direct contact with these bats or consumption of fruits contaminated by their saliva can result in transmission.

2. Intermediate Hosts: The virus could be transmitted to people through intermediate hosts resembling pigs. Shut contact with contaminated pigs or their contaminated tissues can lead to human an infection.

3. Human-to-Human Transmission: In some circumstances, Nipah virus can unfold from individual to individual via shut contact, particularly inside healthcare settings. This mode of transmission poses a major threat throughout outbreaks.

Signs of Nipah Virus:

Dr Aniket Mule revealed, “The signs of Nipah virus an infection can fluctuate from gentle to extreme and will embrace fever, headache, dizziness, cough, and in extreme circumstances, encephalitis (irritation of the mind) resulting in altered consciousness, seizures, and coma. Respiratory signs also can happen.”

Remedy for Nipah Virus:

In response to Dr Aniket Mule, there isn’t any particular antiviral remedy for Nipah virus an infection. He mentioned, “Supportive care is crucial, together with sustaining respiratory operate, managing fever and ache, and offering intravenous fluids. Experimental remedies and antiviral medication have been explored in some circumstances, however their efficacy stays unsure. Given the intense nature of Nipah virus and the potential for outbreaks, it’s essential to comply with tips and suggestions from public well being authorities and search instant medical consideration if suspected circumstances come up. Moreover, analysis and surveillance efforts proceed to deepen our understanding of this virus and will result in improved remedy choices sooner or later.”

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