Microgreens: The surprising truth about this trendy, home-grown ‘superfood’

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Microgreens are simple to develop indoors on a windowsill

Marina Bogachyova/Alamy

FOR a number of years, I’ve had a set of greenery rising on my windowsill, a bunch of tiny leaves that present me with freshly reduce salad and a sprinkling of garnish on my meals.

These miniature variations of conventional herbs, greens, grains and grasses are often called microgreens. They’re simple to develop – you plant them very similar to outside produce, however domesticate them indoors and harvest them after the primary set of true leaves reveals. There’s plenty of selection, from cauliflower to kohlrabi, they usually style nice too.

I’m not alone in embracing the microgreen life-style. Worldwide, curiosity in these tiny vegetation has grown quickly over the previous 10 years. However they aren’t only for hobbyists: at the very least 16 per cent of indoor farming within the US is now dedicated to microgreen manufacturing.

The rationale? Microgreens have grown a popularity for being the superheroes of the vitamin world. Tens of hundreds of articles have been revealed about their potential as “practical meals” that supply well being advantages over and above that of mature greens. “If microgreens are included in our meals, it enriches our [health] due to the range of species used and the quantity of vitamins they comprise,” says Francesco Di Gioia, assistant professor of vegetable crop science at Pennsylvania State College. However, till lately, analysis into these vegetation has been sparse. So earlier than investing additional power and cash into growing my crop, I puzzled: are they actually doing something for my well being, or are they …

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