Is eating watermelon on empty stomach good or bad for you? Expert take | Health

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Hydrating your self in mornings can preserve electrolyte stability and fills you with vitality for the day forward. In relation to consuming beginning your day, watermelon appears to be one of many nutritious diet decisions. With 90% water content material and a great deal of nutritional vitamins and minerals, the fruit is a scrumptious technique to give your wellness an incredible increase. The excessive fibre content material and dietary worth makes watermelon the proper fruit to be included in your breakfast plate. However is consuming watermelon on empty abdomen for everybody? (Additionally learn: Psychological well being advantages of watermelon; methods the summer time fruit can ease your anxiousness)

Eating watermelon first thing in the morning can be harmful for someone with fructose intolerance (Photo: iStock)
Consuming watermelon very first thing within the morning could be dangerous for somebody with fructose intolerance (Photograph: iStock)

Though watermelon is a fruit excessive in nutritional vitamins, minerals, and potassium and is usually a good supply of hydration for a person in scorching and humid climate, not everybody ought to eat this fruit on an empty abdomen.

Who should not eat watermelon on empty abdomen?

“Consuming fruit in an empty abdomen might or might not profit an individual primarily based on their physique kind and hormonal functioning. If an individual is understood to point out signs of leptin resistance or has insulin resistance, fruit at breakfast will not be the perfect option to go for as it could actually irritate the signs and will not be as helpful, however the fruit could be consumed anytime as a snack in lesser portions to profit extra. It is because over a time period, because of extreme leptin secretion within the physique (produced by the adipose tissue), the sensitivity would possibly cut back, inflicting fructose intolerance and subsequently inflicting the next fats manufacturing and storage within the physique,” says Nutritionist Anupama Menon.

Consuming watermelon on empty abdomen can elevate cortisol ranges

Consuming watermelon very first thing within the morning could be dangerous for somebody with fructose intolerance and it might elevate the cortisol ranges within the physique which might result in insulin resistance, says Menon.

Who ought to eat watermelon on empty abdomen?

“An individual whose physique tolerates fruit nicely can eat it within the morning for higher nutrient absorption. The presence of fibre within the fruit when consumed as complete fruit will help launch of glucose in a slower method and therefore, has decrease glycaemic index. Selecting the best time to eat the fruit issues as a lot as selecting the fruit itself,” concludes Menon.

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