House Democrat Argues GOP Should Look In The Mirror Over Biden Impeachment Inquiry

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“We sit right here, we hear our colleagues convey up sure issues like, ‘Oh, the Biden household took cash from a overseas entity, proper?’ And it’s similar to, nicely, actually? I imply, do they actually not know that Jared Kushner took $2 billion from the Saudis?” requested Moskowitz at a Home Oversight and Accountability Committee listening to on Wednesday.

Moskowitz, on Wednesday, famous that Republicans go on social media to “blame the Saudis for 9/11” however “don’t have any questions” on the funding.

“And I simply suppose that the American individuals acknowledge that they haven’t any credibility,” Moskowitz stated of Republicans.

“It’s why the stuff they’ve been promoting on this committee for 9 months has not translated, which is why they gotta begin another time. It’s simply you don’t have any credibility once you solely need to have a look at one aspect of the coin, proper?”

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