Harvard Law Professor Says Trump Blew Up His Own Defense For 1 Reason Only

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Harvard constitutional regulation professor Laurence Tribe on Monday advised Donald Trump had thrown his personal protection in his election obstruction case “not slightly below a bus however beneath a freight practice” when he boasted to NBC’s Kristen Walker that it was his choice to problem the 2020 consequence.

And it was all all the way down to the previous president’s narcissism.

It could now be very arduous for Trump to argue at trial that he was appearing on the recommendation of his attorneys, Tribe instructed CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“It’s mentioned typically that solely a idiot hires himself as a lawyer to defend himself. I don’t suppose Trump is a idiot, however he’s definitely a narcissist,” he famous.

“He simply has to say that he’s chargeable for all the things. He doesn’t depend upon anyone,” Tribe added. “That’s all very good politically. However within the courtroom, he’s simply blown that protection, the protection that I used to be simply counting on my attorneys and due to this fact I didn’t have a way of thinking that it takes to commit these crimes. He’s simply blown that out of the water.”

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