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The challenges generally confronted by moms of twins usually revolve across the exhaustion introduced on by breastfeeding each infants all through the evening since caring for a single toddler is already a big duty however when coping with twins, the calls for are successfully doubled. The query that most individuals ask is, “Find out how to completely breastfeed twins?” and based on well being consultants, the reply is “Sure, it’s doable” the place they don’t want to make use of components or a feeding bottle nonetheless, circumstances apply in conditions the place the infant is born prematurely or has received another problem or the mom can’t feed and in such instances, various strategies of feeding could also be utilised.

Breastfeeding twins: Overcoming challenges, 10 tips for new mothers (Photo by Pixabay on Pexels)
Breastfeeding twins: Overcoming challenges, 10 suggestions for brand spanking new moms (Photograph by Pixabay on Pexels)

In an interview with HT Way of life, Dr Vidya V Bhat, Medical Director at RadhaKrishna Multispeciality Hospital in Bengaluru, shared, “In such instances, the first concern must be making certain the mom’s optimum diet. Usually, we advocate an extra consumption of 500 energy, together with a give attention to calcium-rich and nutritious meals. For twins, a good greater caloric consumption may be obligatory, usually supplemented by way of weight-reduction plan. Assist from the speedy circle across the new mom, each when it comes to psychological and bodily well-being, turns into essential. The daddy’s involvement turns into paramount, as he can play a pivotal function in helping with childcare, notably contemplating the mom’s inevitable exhaustion.”

She steered, “Utilising feeding pillows throughout breastfeeding is very advisable to stop the mom from growing backaches as a consequence of extended nursing classes. Moreover, calcium dietary supplements must be thought of as a part of this course of. In instances the place the twins are within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), preparations must be made to ship the mom’s milk to them, minimizing the necessity for her to undertake frequent bodily journeys that would exacerbate her fatigue. In some cases, the mom may face challenges with producing ample milk. This may necessitate the inclusion of supplementary diets for the infants. When this happens, it is essential for the mom to make sure that she breastfeeds each infants equally earlier than providing any supplementary feeds. Equal diet for each infants stays a precedence. Sustaining correct hygiene and moisturisation earlier than and after breastfeeding is crucial. Moreover, addressing any points comparable to sore nipples with acceptable medicine is essential for the mom’s consolation and well-being.”

Bringing her experience to the identical, Dr Swathi G Thippeswamy, Girls’s Well being Physiotherapist and Lactation Marketing consultant at SPARSH Hospital, stated, “Assuming all the pieces else is okay and regular, unique breastfeeding could be established with twins, together with the mom feeding each the kids for lengthy durations, till they develop into toddlers. The second factor with twin feeding is that it’s anticipated that twin moms ought to learn up about breastfeeding even when they’re pregnant in order that they’ll mentally put together themselves. This may assist them perceive whether or not breastfeeding is meant to be an excellent journey or blissful journey, which it’s normally not, due to the societal expectations that the mom should know how one can feed. Nevertheless, this stuff aren’t taught to moms. So expectations should be set. Feeding goes to take a while, a brand new mom goes to take a while to discover ways to carry the kid, maintain the kid, place herself together with positioning the infants.”

Asserting that it is usually essential to put money into props, one being the ‘Twin Feeding Pillow’, she stated, “It’s barely costly in India. Nevertheless, twin feeding pillows are designed in order that the mom can place the infant safely simply earlier than feeding. When she picks up one child and places it on the pillow then picks up the opposite child and places it on the pillow, the infants received’t roll away. The mom can then tandem feed i.e she feeds each infants collectively. Within the early days, from day one in every of beginning to about six months, tandem feeding was inspired. That is primarily as a result of, when one child is sucking on one aspect, the physique begins to provoke a ‘Let Down Reflex’ that helps in latching and feeding the opposite baby as properly.”

Dr Swathi G Thippeswamy revealed, “These days, docs assist the mom follow Tandem Feeding. In Tandem feeding, the normal maintain technique, the cradle technique, the cross cradle, and many others. don’t work. Moms have to make use of a place known as the ‘Soccer Maintain’ that’s going to take a while for her to study. That is the place the help system is available in. The household wants to have the ability to perceive and help the mom. The household individual might be the husband, mom, sister, a finest good friend or caregiver. When breastfeeding is taught to such moms, the members of the family should be current as properly as a result of they then change into appreciative of the efforts concerned in feeding the kid. Additionally they are inclined to bond higher with the kid when they’re serving to the mom feed the kid. So tandem feeding or a feeding pillow and with the household help is totally non-negotiable.”

Assuring that lactation consultants will information them, place them, maintain them, present the mom how one can maintain or place the infant and how one can take the infant away from the mom once they must burp, Dr Swathi G Thippeswamy stated, “The opposite factor that’s centered with twin feeding is the mom’s diet and hydration. No matter whether or not the mom is a single child mom or twin child mom, the mom does probably not must eat for 2. Nevertheless, hydration is of significance. Particularly with a twin mom, the stress hormone or the stress elements like, “Oh, I do not know whether or not I’ve sufficient milk. I do not know which child I fed”, and different stressors are fairly excessive. So docs advise such moms to maintain an account of what number of bottles of water she has had. Hydration is obligatory, we inform the mom to not fear about meals and water. Another person goes to care for it. So, the caregivers are the individuals who should be guided and taught to verify the meals is nutritious. It has quite a lot of colours, largely greens and all totally different fruit and veggies, to verify the mom has a nutritious weight-reduction plan with no restriction on weight-reduction plan.”

She added, “There’s hardly any meals that docs don’t advocate consuming. We wish the mom to eat all the pieces sparsely, moderation is a key. So, this is a vital factor for the mom. Now, after the diet, the second factor that we ask the mom to do is to keep up a Feed Log. A Feed Log is one thing quite simple that can assist you maintain a observe of your issues, like a weight-reduction plan chart. However what the Feed Log does is basically retains a observe of how a lot feed every baby has had. It typically will get a bit of complicated for the mom to recollect whether or not she fed child one or child two. So an recommendation is, one, we would like you to place in Tandem Feeding, however the occasions by no means normally sync. So if you happen to feed one baby at a time, write it down on a bit of paper and that piece of paper goes to be like a chart caught on the wall that claims, “10 a.m. I fed child one”.”

For those who did Tandem Feeding, Dr Swathi G Thippeswamy stated, “You’ll mark the time, and what you probably did. Did you straight feed the kid? Wherein case you’ll write DBF, Direct Breast Feed. Generally we might ask the mom to put money into a breast pump, a breast pump is a tool that can assist in gathering milk, pumping it out. Nevertheless, this must be underneath the steerage of a lactationist and never in any other case. So, what she will be able to do is pump milk and gather it and that pumped milk known as Expressed Breast Milk, EBM. This may be fed to the kid by the caregiver utilizing a spoon, an open cup. Bottles aren’t really helpful. These are a few of the issues {that a} twin mom must do.”

She listed the next suggestions for brand spanking new moms –

  • Assist system: Create a supporting system within the household. As an instance the mom should pump and feed. Somebody must care for cleansing these pump tools, cleansing the feeding tools, sterilizing them, and sustaining sterility. If she’s going for Direct Feeding, then somebody must get her some meals, some snacks, some water. Take the infant to burp when one child is finished, and take the opposite one to do the identical. So, this can be a obligatory factor. It’s good to construct that help system. Talk with the household, inform the household that is what is anticipated of you individuals.

It is not just like the mom is making an attempt to offer extra work or she’s making an attempt to keep away from work. As a substitute, it’s a actuality of getting a set of twins, to create that help system. Contain the household, the husband and caregivers together with it.

  • Feeding pillow: Second tip is to put money into a feeding pillow. That is non-negotiable. Put money into a feeding pillow. Sure, it sounds costly, however that feeding pillow goes a great distance.
  • Feed log: The third tip is to keep up a feed log so that they know whether or not the infant has had sufficient meals. Allow us to say one child didn’t drink properly on the breast. Then you’ll high up that child with Expressed Breast Milk. So, you’ve got a calculated or an mixture concept of how a lot the infant has been fed.
  • Diet and Hydration: The fourth tip is to concentrate to the mom’s diet and hydration. Be certain that she’s getting good meals, quite a lot of greens, galactagogues or meals that improve milk provide. They should be included of their weight-reduction plan frequently.
  • Discover a interest: Lastly, discover a interest or another form of stress buster as a result of the mom must be given her me-time as properly. A twin mom tends to lose out on sleep. A mean twin mom sleeps between one to 3 hours within the first three to 4 months of her postpartum life. Thus, it’s important {that a} twin mom finds a interest that’s going to divert her head away from simply the feeding, pumping, diaper altering, placing the infant to mattress, to creating an area that claims “that is my me time”. That is what is required for her psychological peace as a result of a harassed mom can’t feed a toddler effectively. Thus, the mom wants to remain as calm as doable and a twin mom much more.

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