Baldur’s Gate 3 – Wizard Build Guide

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While you’re wanting on the Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard construct, you need to just remember to’re getting probably the most bang on your buck. Keep in mind, you are a glass cannon that may dish out a ton of spell harm, however you could be aware of your allies, too. Our Baldur’s Gate 3 construct information discusses the Faculty of Evocation.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard construct information – Faculty of Evocation

Our Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard construct information appears on the Evocation subclass, which is viable in the long term on account of its superb perk. We even have a Wizard class overview that takes word of perfect picks throughout character creation. As an apart, we opted to concentrate on a construct that avoids multiclassing. Nonetheless, you are in a position to respec and alter lessons whenever you see match, in order for you extra flexibility.

Wizard Construct Abstract

Wizards aren’t going to final lengthy in melee, they usually actually should not put on any kind of armor. As such, we have now to fine-tune their capabilities to succeed. We suggest the next for the Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard construct:

  • Race: Crimson Dragonborn (optimum), Asmodeus Tiefling (optimum), Deep Gnome (optionally available/lore-friendly), or Excessive Half Elf (optionally available/lore-friendly).
  • Background: The Sage background is probably the most lore-friendly, and has two INT-based expertise besides.
  • Talents: 8 STR, 14 DEX, 15 CON, 17 INT, 10 WIS, 10 CHA.
  • Weapons and armor: Staves and different easy weapons; use material armor solely so you may forged spells.
Wizards can learn a ridiculous number of spells.
Wizards can study a ridiculous variety of spells.

Wizard Leveling Development

Our Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard construct information presents choices for perfect spell picks throughout character creation and past. Furthermore, we cite causes as to what makes the Faculty of Evocation actually nice.

Stage 1


  • Fireplace Bolt – Hurls a mote of fireside that offers harm.
  • Ray of Frost – Offers chilly harm and reduces a goal’s motion vary by three meters.
  • Optionally available: Surprising Grasp – Offers lightning harm and prevents the goal from utilizing reactions; benefit in opposition to creatures with metallic armor.
  • Optionally available: Blade Ward – Take solely half harm from bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing assaults.
  • Optionally available: Associates – Acquire benefit on Charisma checks in opposition to non-hostile creatures.


  • Magic Missile – Shoot three projectiles at a number of targets, dealing a complete of 6-15 power harm; these projectiles are at all times assured to hit.
  • Thunderwave – Deal 2-16 thunder harm in a frontal cone and push again all creatures.
  • Chromatic Orb – Deal 3-24 elemental harm in a round space (you may choose the kind of aspect); creates a floor on influence.
  • Optionally available: Grease – Covers the bottom in a slippery substance that causes enemies to get knocked susceptible.
  • Optionally available: Mage Armor – Enhance a targets armor class (AC) to 13, plus its Dexterity modifier.
  • Optionally available: Feather Fall – You and close by allies develop into proof against fall harm.

Stage 2

You’ll be able to select two extra spells to study, although these aren’t priorities in comparison with these at stage 1. Extra importantly, now you can select your subclass.

Evocation – Has the Sculpt Spells characteristic for all Evocation-type spells. The explanation this subclass is superb if as a result of your Evocation spells not hit your allies. Which means you may drop a Fireball on the spot the place your melee items are, and never hassle with any potential friendly-fire harm.

Stage 3


  • Scorching Ray – Shoot three rays of fireside at numerous targets, dealing a complete of 6-36 fireplace harm.
  • Cloud of Daggers – Focus to conjure a cloud of spinning blades that offers 4-16 harm to anybody inside.

Stage 4

Spells and Cantrips – On your cantrip, we recommend simply grabbing something that you just uncared for throughout character creation. As for the spells:

  • Misty Step – Teleport to any unoccupied area you could see.

Feat: Magic Provoke: Warlock – We are able to save the additional stat enhance for later. We would like this for the next actions:

  • Cantrip: Eldritch Blast – Solid a beam of crackling power that offers 1-10 power harm.
  • Spell: Hex – Offers 1-6 necrotic harm and offers the goal an obstacle on a capability of your selecting; if the goal dies whereas it is with Hex, you may recast the spell with out expending a spell slot.

Stage 5


  • Fireball – Shoot an orb of fireside that explodes on influence, inflicting 8-48 harm in a large space.
  • Counterspell – Nullify an enemy’s spell by way of a response.
Evocation Wizards can bombard large areas with spells like Fireball and Ice Storm, without having to worry about allies that are within the blast radius.
Evocation Wizards can bombard massive areas with spells like Fireball and Ice Storm, with out having to fret about allies which are throughout the blast radius.

Stage 6

Subclass Characteristic: Potent Cantrip – Cantrips develop into more durable to evade. Creatures that move a saving throw in opposition to your cantrip nonetheless take half harm.


  • Optionally available: Grant Flight – Permits you or your goal to fly briefly.
  • Optionally available: Haste – Provides your self or your goal a buff, granting an additional motion, doubled motion vary, and elevated armor class.
  • Optionally available: Lightning Bolt – Calls down lightning to strike in a straight line, dealing 8-48 harm.

Stage 7


  • Ice Storm – Offers 6-40 chilly harm in a large space; the bottom shall be coated in sleet, with the potential to knock enemies susceptible.
  • Dimension Door – Teleport your self and as much as one ally to a spot you could see.

Stage 8


  • Optionally available: Blight – Offers 8-64 necrotic harm; plant-like creatures have an obstacle; has no impact on undead and constructs.
  • Optionally available: Wall of Fireplace – Creates a blazing wall that burns people who get too shut for 5-40 fireplace harm.

Feat: Capability Enchancment – You will need to add +2 factors to your Intelligence. Furthermore, should you’ve already defeated Auntie Ethel, do not forget to get the additional level to hit 20 INT.

Stage 9

Spells – You’ll be able to solely study two rank 5 spells at this stage, however listed here are the perfect picks:

  • Cloudkill – Create a big cloud that offers 5-40 poison harm per flip; could be repositioned every flip; word that it is a Conjuration-type spell, and it’ll nonetheless harm your allies.
  • Cone of Chilly – Blast an space in a large frontal cone, dealing 8-64 chilly harm.
  • Conjure Elemental – Spawn an elemental ally to struggle by your aspect.

These are our picks for the Wizard finest construct in Baldur’s Gate 3. We’ll replace our information quickly, so keep tuned.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is stuffed to the brim with actions and secrets and techniques. You will little question be a part of an journey that may take numerous hours to finish. For different suggestions, you may go to our BG3 guides hub.

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