Baldur’s Gate 3 – How To Get The Blood Of Lathander

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One of many greatest choices you’ll have to make early on in Baldur’s Gate 3 is whether or not to take the mountain go or Underdark to succeed in Moonrise Towers. Those who took the mountain go might need missed out on a good looking underground world within the Underdark, however they have been rewarded with a lush panorama filled with timber and scenic vistas. One other boon to taking the mountain go is getting access to each the Rosymorn Monastery and the Githyanki Creche. Each of those areas are the important thing websites in beginning and ending the Blood of Lathander quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You begin this quest on the Rosymorn Monastery by clicking on a plaque proper beneath a statue of Lathander, simply above the doorway to the Githyanki Creche. What occurs subsequent is an arduous and complicated quest that leads to you receiving a strong, legendary mace and maybe dooming a whole neighborhood. Discover out precisely methods to full the Blood of Lathander quest within the information beneath.

Discovering the key weapons

After beginning the hunt on the statue of Lathander, you need to head again up the steps that took you down there. When you’re on the ground with totally different doorways on both facet of you, hold going till you attain the room with the massive, stained glass window in the course of the ground. This room additionally has 4 tables with two blue gems on them, and one among them has a glowing sword on it. Do not decide up this sword.

The stained glass window room is where the first part of the quest takes place.
The stained glass window room is the place the primary a part of the hunt takes place.

What it is advisable to do is exit by the damaged window, as seen within the screenshot above. Hold going till you see a gap within the floor. Utilizing one character with Misty Step, Fly, or just leaping (you’ll lose HP), hop all the way down to the decrease degree after which undergo the door proper subsequent to you. Go straight up the damaged stairs and look to the best of the particles. Utilizing your spotlight software, discover the Rusty Mace on the bottom and decide it up.

Pick up the Rusty Mace and head back to the stained glass window room.
Choose up the Rusty Mace and head again to the stained glass window room.

Now, use the opposite members of your celebration who didn’t leap down into the outlet and as a substitute leap over the outlet. You will see one other damaged window. Undergo it to discover a golden glowing assemble often known as the Guardian of Religion. Utilizing your spotlight software, decide up the Ceremonial Battleaxe on the bottom. This can start a battle with the Guardian of Religion, nevertheless it’s not troublesome to beat. With the battleaxe in your possession, head out by the door to the room (not the damaged window) and discover hanging vines straight in entrance of you.

Climb up the vines to search out two bald eagles sitting of their nest. They are going to possible find yourself attacking you except you utilize a personality with Animal Talking and persuade them to not. Defeat the eagles and retrieve the Ceremonial Warhammer that’s sitting within the entrance nest. Facet be aware, for those who took the Rosymorn Monastery Path, these are the eagles that the Blue Jay was complaining about. The Blue Jay will fly to your location for those who kill the eagles and let you know a couple of attainable reward close by.

The Ceremonial Warhammer is being guarded by some eagles.
The Ceremonial Warhammer is being guarded by some eagles.

With all three of your new weapons acquired, regather your celebration and head again to the stained glass window room. It is advisable to place the three weapons in particular spots on the remaining tables across the room. In case you’re dealing with the room from the doorway, it ought to go from left to proper: Battleaxe, Longsword, Warhammer, Mace.

You’ll know for those who do not place a weapon in the best spots as a result of it’s going to knock you again. As soon as the weapons are positioned appropriately, a secret compartment will open on the again wall that accommodates a pouch. Open the pouch and browse the be aware but in addition be certain that to seize the Dawnmaster’s Crest. That is essential for a call you might need to make later.

The pouch located inside of the secret compartment.
The pouch situated within the key compartment.

Getting contained in the Githyanki Creche

With the Crest, you may make your method again all the way down to the statue of Lathander and veer to the left to search out the steps heading all the way down to the basement, which is the Githyanki Creche. Inside, you’ll have to go a test to get previous the guard after which you’ll be able to enter the creche, which is the place the Githyanki troopers are nonetheless looking for the Artefact that Shadowheart holds. You need to make your method to the Captain’s Quarters, a small room situated previous the waypoint of the world. Take a proper on the four-way intersection for those who’re coming in from the doorway.

Within the Captain’s Quarters, a cutscene will play that exhibits the Githyanki troopers heading out to search out any information on the Artefact, which they check with because the “weapon.” Additionally, you will see the captain take a pink gem from a pedestal. That very same captain, Kith’rak Therezzyn, stays after the troopers run out of the room. There’s a door with a barrier on it on the reverse finish of the room, which can also be the place the pedestal housing the pink gems is situated. With the intention to get previous the barrier, it is advisable to re-insert the pink gem the captain took. To do that, we merely pickpocketed the captain with Astarion and took the pink gem, which is known as a Gith Shard.

The Gith Shard opens the barrier in the Captain's Quarters.
The Gith Shard opens the barrier within the Captain’s Quarters.

Then, after passing a test to persuade Therezzyn we didn’t pickpocket them, you’ll be able to insert the gem into the pedestal and the barrier will open. Undergo the door after which take a proper to go throughout the bridge. Within the subsequent room from the bridge, you’ll run right into a cutscene with the Commander of the Githyanki. This cutscene revolves across the Commander believing you may have the weapon they’re searching for, and for those who refuse handy it over to them, a battle will escape. Nonetheless, for those who do give the Artefact, a wholly totally different state of affairs will play out.

Fixing the puzzle in a secret room

Regardless, after all the pieces occurs, it is advisable to head down into the western closet of the room with the Commander. Right here, you’ll find a number of chests, a show case in the course of the room, in addition to two an identical statues on both facet. Loot the show case for a Unusual Chunk of Amber, after which have a personality with excessive Power transfer the statues. The statue on the left must be dealing with towards the west whereas the statue on the best must face the doorway to the room. As soon as this alignment occurs, a secret door will open behind two vases. Undergo the door after which down the steps to enter the Dawn Gate.

This is the way the statues need to be aligned for the secret door to open.
That is the way in which the statues must be aligned for the key door to open.

Contained in the gate will likely be a room with one other yellow barrier blocking your method. Get previous the barrier by taking pictures the blue crystals hanging to the left of it. As soon as they’re damaged, you’ll enter one other room with a barrier, however this time there is a lure that shoots out a pressure on the bottom. Disarm the lure, after which go across the rocks to the left of it to get across the barrier. This can require a leap. Lastly, within the subsequent room with one other barrier, go down the rocks to discover a set of crystals that additionally must destroy.

Destroying the crystals is the main way of disarming the barriers.
Destroying the crystals is the primary method of disarming the limitations.

Making a selection for the Blood of Lathander Mace

Your subsequent room accommodates the Blood of Lathander Mace. It is sitting in the course of the pedestal on the golden platform, ready so that you can take it. Nonetheless, if you wish to keep away from a battle with the Githyanki, insert the Dawnmaster’s Crest you bought earlier into the pedestal. That is finished by dragging the Crest into the field that seems whenever you click on on the pedestal.

The Dawnmaster's Crest ensures that you can walk away with the mace easily.
The Dawnmaster’s Crest ensures which you can stroll away with the mace simply.

After you do that, you’ll be able to merely take the mace, and the Blood of Lathander quest is full. Nonetheless, for those who resolve to easily take the mace for your self, you may have a call to make. The mace’s pedestal will set off a number of mechanisms to seem, together with one which traps you in a pressure discipline. All the mechanisms work collectively to energy a large-scale weapon that’s discovered contained in the Rosymorn Monastery. This weapon will destroy the complete Githyanki Creche for those who do not act.

Your foremost objective on this state of affairs is to destroy the Lathander Photo voltaic Machines. We advocate going with magic spells over taking pictures at them with ranged assaults, as they’re immune to piercing harm. As soon as they’re destroyed, the mechanism powers down and the weapon shuts off. This can full the Blood of Lathander quest.

Your different selection when confronted with the destruction of the creche is to have your entire celebration undergo the doorway on the different finish of the room. As soon as all of your characters are out, the weapon will blow and utterly annihilate the complete Githyanki Creche. Sadly, given your proximity to the weapon, your total celebration will die as nicely. Clearly, we do not advocate making this selection. It is a lot simpler to easily insert the Dawnmaster’s Crest into the pedestal and take the Blood of Lathander Mace with none problem.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is crammed to the brim with actions and secrets and techniques. You may little question be a part of an journey that may take numerous hours to finish. For different suggestions, you’ll be able to go to ourBG3 guides hub.

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